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23 mechanical gears STEP&DXF

What you get will be digital files, it is not a physical product. 1. In the package: Total 13 external spur gears(pinions): m1z9, m1z12, m1z15, m1z18, m1z21, m1z24, m1z27, m1z30, m1z33, m1z36, m1z39, m1z42, m1z45; Total 10 internal and external spur gears: m1z33z44, m1z42z50, m1z54z64, m1z63z73, m1z72z82, m1z75z85, m1z81z92, m1z84z95, m1z90z101, m1z93z104 2. Explanation m1z9 …

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