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Gift Box 04-D90 For 3d printing

It is a gear structure box design plan. There are several gears and racks. When you rotate the side gear with a “key” and handle, the four blades opens or close gradually. The center hole is diameter 90mm. The whole unit can be mounted on other parts with the 4-M3 bolts. Parts are designed for …

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egg shape gear set

Ellipse gear set

Egg shape gear set. Parts are designed for 3d printing. Suggesting using resin material when printing. Size is 60X35mm. You need to prepare some M3X10 (or M3X8) screws by yourself.,refer to the section image in the attachment. STEP files are included in the attachment. Video: https://youtu.be/3D0zLrBWFvU

bevel gear iris mechanism

Bevel Gear Gift Box 01-STEP

It is a special box or a functional unit. When you drive the handle(or the bolt), the blades open or close gradually. It is not lightproof,and it is not a gear reduccer .  You can design the bottom box by yourself and then assemble it other parts by bolts. It can be considered a gift …

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iris diaphragm 3D Printable D20mm


STEP and 3DPDF are included in the attachment. Mechanical Iris structure designed for 3d print. There are 5 leaves. When you rotate the “Drive Part”or the middle plate,the center hole can open or close gradually. The center hole is diameter 20mm, the outer size is diameter 56mm and thickness is 8.2mm. To assemble the parts …

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23 mechanical gears STEP&DXF

What you get will be digital files, it is not a physical product. 1. In the package: Total 13 external spur gears(pinions): m1z9, m1z12, m1z15, m1z18, m1z21, m1z24, m1z27, m1z30, m1z33, m1z36, m1z39, m1z42, m1z45; Total 10 internal and external spur gears: m1z33z44, m1z42z50, m1z54z64, m1z63z73, m1z72z82, m1z75z85, m1z81z92, m1z84z95, m1z90z101, m1z93z104 2. Explanation m1z9 …

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